Weiss Architecture Studio

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never underestimate the power of design

Residential Architecture

Here at Studio Integrate we offer, not only the finest residential architects and designers in the country but we will give you more power in the design of your home than you probably ever thought possible. How?

By creating highly detailed mood-boards and programming state of the art visualizations, we can virtually place in your future home and evaluate your reactions to an array of materials, design options, colour coordination’s and alternative use-of-spaces to truly discover the ideal design for you. From here, our architects and designers will be in constant communication and collaboration with you to discuss and execute the best design options for in relations to your requirements and living habits

This process will involve us creating at least 3 designs options for your review and approval. Once we have narrowed the design down to a final option with your input our designers will proceed to create your final design.

You’ll be presented with detail drawings of specific spaces before and as they are built to ensure they are completed with care and precision in accordance with your favoured concept. You’ll also see detail drawings of doors and windows, joinery items, special features elements such as entertainment cabinets, fireplaces and much more.

Completed design documentation will be used to obtain best and accurate construction quotations from the construction contractors. This is our time-tested and proven method to ensure that you get the final product you are looking for and that both time and money are conserved.

With Studio Integrate, you get full creative control over the process as architects and engineers work to deliver the home of your dreams.

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Planning Permission

In our initial phase, we will work with you closely to ensure that your vision and your dream home fully materialize at the end of the process. Unlike many other boutique home construction agencies, we take this process very seriously and consider you the actual designer of your home.

After a series of initial consultations in which we go over example images record your desires, hopes, and ideas about your home concept- we begin by creating a series of designs based on your direction. From there, we will compile a list of features and spaces you like best, and those you would rather leave out. Then we will redraft our initial ideas to present you with a concept that is to your liking.

Once you and we are confident we have settled on a final design, we go ahead, consulting with you along the way to ensure that everything turns out as you hoped.

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Planning Applications

Browse through some of are achieved planning applications

Concept Design

When referring to architecture; a concept is an idea, thought or notion that forms the backbone and foundation of a design project and one that drives it forward. It becomes the force and identity behind a projects progress and is consistently consulted throughout every stage of its development.
...every architectural project should be derived from a concept

An architectural concept is the meaning and reason to the end product (the completed building or structure) and is the very first part of the design process to be developed and realised much like a seed is to plant. And just like a plant seed it can come from a vast array of sources, and produce a huge amount of variations and outcomes.