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When you have put your heart and soul in building a beautiful house and the yard with all amenities, no doubt the eyeballs of any visitor pop up during the day. A little extra effort will add more elegance to the night-time too. You can enhance the flair to the pathways and bling to the façade or patio and other areas like the garden or water features with strategic landscape lighting.

Let’s flip through the apt options available. Remember that the objective of landscape lighting is to emanate lighting on the target area and not the light source.

Zero down the areas

Identify the areas you want to highlight so that the ambience becomes more vibrant. You can shortlist the significant places for appropriate landscape lighting:

· Driveway

· Facade

· Patios

· Garden path

· Trees

· Any special architectural units

· Deck used for a function

If you are thinking that lighting option is uniform for any of the above areas, perhaps you are wrong. Let’s go through the various types of lighting.


In order to highlight the trees or taller structure, you can highlight the trunk or the foliage of the trees. The garden statues or the architectural elements also look splendid in the bathing light.


No wonder, you can create a moonlit effect when you place the down light on the branches or the trunk focusing either the pathway or the foliage itself. You can avoid the glare by opting for the cowl-shaped shroud around the LED bulbs.


You can, in fact, camouflage the bulb in a water-proof housing unit to illuminate the underside of the plant foliage without the source of light visible. You can also use to focus the base of the wall or façade.

Bullet light

If you desire a narrow beam to focus the garden structures or the trunks of the tree, you can use the bullet lights.

Path Lighting

Using an optimum number of bulb points, you can really create an impressive pathway by placing the fixtures at the strategic locations. Remember, over-lit space is not an ideal for the path lighting.

Tape Lighting

If you have irregularly shaped hardscapes, pool, or the backyard streams, etc., then you can think of tape lighting, which generally comes with submersible units.

Other points you should keep in mind include,

· Spacing the light fixture appropriately

· Using the right voltage and wattage

· Placing the glare guards

· Avoid light glare to neighbours

You can also automatically control the landscape lighting by including a timer or a photocell.

The right landscape lighting is a feast to the eyes with the enhanced ambience and adds to the splendid features of the target areas.

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