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When you are planning a kitchen, do not confine your ideas for cooking alone. The modern-day kitchen is much more than a simple place for cooking. A well-thought design and layout would not only add the functionality of a kitchen but also to the ambianceMake use oevery space available for storage regardless of the open kitchen or with multiple doorwaysPlan the design in ahead so that plumbing and electric services can be in place without any fuss. 

The planning process should start well before the actual designing the layout to avoid redoing. While the plan and design might differ as per the size of the kitchen, you can keep some important points in view. 

  • Envisage the place for preparing the food for pacing the cooking station 
  • How many persons in the kitchen 
  • Where to keep the kitchen gadgets like the Refrigerator, Mixer, Juicer or grinder or microwave, oven, etc? 
  • How much storage space you require 
  • Chalk out the plumbing, heating requirements 
  • Plan for the appropriate lighting 

If you engage a professional designer, he/she would suggest appropriate design like the Galley kitchen, L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, etc.  

No doubt, many kitchen unit variants are available nowadays. However, majority of people prefer modern designs. Let’s walk through some designs. 

No handle Cabinets 

If you desire a streamlined and modern look to the kitchen, opt for the trendy kitchen units with no handles. The rebated channels placed on the top would facilitate the hands in the operating the doors for the opening. You can get sleek yet incredibly strong quality kitchen units manufactured in Germany, who are renowned in qualitative kitchen units 

Glossy Kitchen Units 

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the perfect laminates or lacquered surface glossy units would be a better option. Even a small kitchen can look very spacious with the appropriate lighting in the kitchen. The stylish kitchen serving the practical purposes would create a wow impression. No doubt, the glossy kitchen units would make a positive impact on the beholder. You can expect incredible design range from the German manufacturers. 

You can also have a checklist, which completes all the requirements of the kitchen: 

  • Base Units 
  • Wall mounted units 
  • Larder units 
  • Breakfast Bar 
  • Hob 
  • Kitchen Sink 
  • Downdraught Extractor 
  • Underfloor heating 
  • Pantry  

If you are going for kitchen extension, check out whether it is within permitted development or permission required. Even in the case of permitted development, the building regulation approval is necessary. An expert in the field would be a better person to suggest on all these lines. 



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