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Avenue Road Penthouse

Perched atop the Prince Albert Residence, a post-war modernist architectural gem, the Avenue Road residence enjoys breathtaking panoramic views of Regents Park. Studio INTEGRATE undertook the formidable task of altering the external elevation of this multi-storey, unlisted building located within the London Borough of Westminster, alongside extensive internal modifications to the penthouse unit.

Through an exhaustive planning process, external improvements were implemented, including the removal of obstructive elements such as external staircases that impeded internal views and sunlight. Double-height spaces and increased glazing were introduced to the external elevations, along with expanded footprint areas on the spacious balconies.

Addressing the challenge of low ceilings, a common characteristic of the era's architecture, strategic placement of a double-height void space was employed to create an illusion of heightened ceiling space throughout the interior. This design innovation floods the penthouse with natural light and a sense of openness, enhancing its overall spaciousness and appeal. The ultimate layout encompasses four generously sized bedrooms, ensuring both comfort and luxury for its occupants.

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