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Carbon Hill

Netherwood House, nestled in Hertfordshire within the designated greenbelt area and surrounded by woodlands, boasts expansive green surroundings and a tennis court. Despite external restrictions imposed by London Green Belt regulations, Studio INTEGRATE undertook significant revisions to the internal spaces, transforming them into large, open-plan areas comprising kitchens and lounge spaces.

The property now offers four ensuite bedrooms, a cinema room, formal lounge, play area, and utility spaces, ensuring ample room for leisure and functionality. The landscape design, including sunken seating areas meticulously crafted by Studio INTEGRATE, maximises the stunning views of the surrounding natural landscape, seamlessly integrating nature with the proposed design.

In addition to spatial enhancements, Studio INTEGRATE played a pivotal role in the design and procurement of internal materials and loose furniture. This meticulous approach resulted in a harmonious and peaceful interior space that exudes timeless elegance, capable of withstanding the test of time.

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