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Glebe House

Glebe House, nestled in the serene residential enclave of the London Borough of Barnet, embarked on a transformative journey to cater to the changing needs of its expanding family. This comprehensive project involved the addition of a basement and loft extension, ingeniously repurposing the existing structure to accommodate a self-sustaining studio. Additionally, the enhancements encompass the creation of a wine cellar, entertainment areas, and ancillary spaces, further enriching the functionality and appeal of the residence.

The comprehensive remodelling of the house facilitates its sustainable evolution, while the incorporation of the basement extension and loft conversion enhances its capacity and extends its life cycle as a family home.

The internal layout is thoughtfully arranged to optimise functionality, while the selection of materials aims to infuse a fresh energy into the existing house. This approach is balanced with a respect for the traditional internal hierarchies typically found in English town homes, ensuring a harmonious blend of modernity and heritage.

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