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Lakman House

The Lakman residence underwent a significant transformation involving the substantial demolition of the existing house, followed by the addition of front, rear, side, and roof extensions. The resulting structure boasts spacious bedrooms, with a guest suite conveniently located on the ground floor. An expansive open-plan living and kitchen area take centre stage, featuring a column-free lounge space spanning over ten meters. This design maximises natural light and facilitates a seamless connection between the main living area and the rear garden through fully glazed openings.

A double-height entrance space flooded with natural light accommodates a striking vertical floating staircase, which elegantly connects the ground floor to the private spaces on the second floor. Additionally, the residence includes two kitchens, catering to both practicality and aesthetics.

Given the extensive scale of alterations, the initial planning application encountered resistance from the local authority. However, Studio INTEGRATE successfully navigated this challenge and ultimately secured permission through the appeal process, ensuring the realisation of the envisioned design.

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