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Somerset Square

The site comprises a four-storey mid-terrace dwelling with a flat roof and parapet surround. The ground floor features a garage and a stepped entrance leading to the habitable accommodation on the first floor. Situated within a terrace of dwellings running from northwest to southeast along Somerset Square, the dwelling is part of a cohesive architectural ensemble.

The proposal aims to completely overhaul the interior layout, including the addition of a lift and raising the ceiling height at the lower ground level. Additionally, it seeks planning permission for several external modifications, namely the erection of a single-storey, flat-roofed, part-width rear extension, replacement of the ground floor window and door with full-length glazed patio doors, and the installation of an air conditioning unit on the flat roof of the dwelling. In addition to internal alterations, there is a proposal to modify the rear landscape by levelling it to enhance the functionality of the rear courtyard. This includes the introduction of sustainable drainage systems and new landscaping features.

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