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Suffolk Farmhouse

Nestled within an enchanting landscape adorned with undulating hills, verdant foliage, and serene waterways, the site embodies the charm of rural life with its picturesque villages, expansive fields, and meandering meadows. Perched atop a gentle hillock, the property offers captivating vistas of the surrounding countryside. Meticulously landscaped gardens and grounds, adorned with pathways, terraces, and secluded seating areas, are strategically designed to amplify the natural allure of the setting.

The design proposal is driven by two key objectives:

To organically evolve through the integration of refined details, sustainability, and innovation.

To sensitively respond to the local context, culture, and environment. This entails retaining the essence of a farmhouse, outbuildings, and a central courtyard, while incorporating steep pitched roofs reminiscent of traditional regional architecture.

Spread across three floors, the accommodation comprises six bedrooms, each boasting its own ensuite bathroom and dressing area. Adjacent to the main dwelling lies a separate yet interconnected barn outbuilding, housing entertainment spaces, a swimming pool, hot tubs, a games room, an activity/hobby room, and two small guest bedrooms. Additionally, an energy centre and secure parking for three cars are situated on the southeastern side of the complex. A home office, nestled within a small outbuilding on the ground floor, is seamlessly linked to the main living area.

The proposal champions the use of timber and zinc roofing as sustainable alternatives, reducing the embodied carbon footprint and mitigating adverse impacts on neighbouring amenities through decreased transportation and ground disruption. Furthermore, the incorporation of a ground-source heat pump and deep window reveals has significantly diminished operational CO2 emissions.

The project's inception dates back to November 2021 when it was first presented to the client. Subsequent design iterations, undertaken collaboratively with the client and a new team of consultants, led to the development of a revised design proposal. Presented to the Parish council in July 2022, the proposal garnered commendation from the committee, prompting the submission of a full planning permission application in September 2022, which received approval in November 2022.

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