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Woodstock Road

The Woodstock residence, nestled within the Bedford Park conservation area, holds a distinguished status as a Grade 2 listed building. This area boasts the honour of being recognised as the world's inaugural garden suburb, setting a precedent for casual elegance replicated across the globe. Its allure burgeoned in the 1880s, captivating luminaries such as the poet and dramatist W. B. Yeats, the esteemed actor William Terriss, the enchanting actress Florence Farr, the venerable playwright Arthur Wing Pinero, and the illustrious painter Camille Pissarro, all of whom chose to call this estate home.

The proposed enhancements entail a comprehensive internal rejuvenation and modernisation endeavour. This includes the conversion of the loft into a spacious double bedroom and the establishment of an open-plan layout throughout the ground floor, fostering a harmonious flow within the residence. A contemporary rear extension, characterised by expansive glazed openings and skylights, along with the utilisation of avant-garde materials like resin and microcement, introduces a captivating interplay between tradition and innovation.

Moreover, meticulous attention has been devoted to the restoration of the historic building fabric, encompassing the meticulous refurbishment of the roof and the preservation of its surrounding landscape. Studio INTEGRATE has undertaken a multifaceted role in this transformative venture, overseeing architecture, securing planning permissions and listed building consents, orchestrating interior design schemes, managing the project's execution, and facilitating the procurement of bespoke joinery and furnishings. Their holistic approach ensures a seamless fusion of heritage preservation and contemporary refinement, breathing new life into the timeless charm of Woodstock residence.

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