Weiss Architecture Studio

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House of the future

Studio integrate as lead designer on large-scale architectural projects from around the globe.

Furniture Design

Studio Integrate exploits intricate knowledge of new technologies to design and produce ground-breaking collections such as the award winning Rio Collection.  Utilising the versatility of 3D printing’s inherently quick and low volume production capabilities, offering astonishing customisation and variation without tooling costs.

We explore the relationship between “the craft of yesterday and the craft of tomorrow”.

Smart Shelter

Smart Shelter aims to address the challenge of lack of shelter for displaced migrants due to war or poverty by providing a new innovative solution to bridge the gap between  the conventional PVC tents and container units. Smart Shelter project introduces a novel rapidly deployable, lightweight modular shelter which requires minimal set up effort, (A child can erect the structure in less that an hour) enhanced durability and better quality for its inhabitants.