Weiss Architecture Studio

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We Offer

Creating a unique inner sanctums and functional living environments to suit individual needs is our teams daily objective.

Concept Design & Planning Permission

Designing a Customised Brief

We’ll ask a range of questions to find out more about your needs, lifestyle and vision. We’ll also investigate the motivation behind your renovation project, such as whether you want a dream home that reflects your success or it’s due to the growth of your family, etc. The answers provided will give us an accurate brief to begin the design process.

Concept Design

Once we know your aspirations, we’ll start designing. We'll design a few design alternatives and show you their internal and external implications. At this stage we’ll ensure we’ve utilised every inch of your property. We’ll examine how light will enter the house or apartment, how you’ll use the space, how furniture might be arranged and how we can achieve the desired level of privacy and openness in your home.

Planning Permission

Once we are done designing, we will submit your drawings to planning authorities (if needed) to obtain planning permission for your extension or new home. We will negotiate on your behalf with the council and adjust and alter our drawings if needed to ensure you will achieve the best possible outcome.

Interior Design & Material Selection

Mood Boards & Visualizations

Once the internal layout is finalised, we’ll add materials and final touches. We’ll visualise all the options on a computer using state-of-the-art technology, and allow you to choose the option that best matches your taste, lifestyle and vision. We’ll also show you sample photos of completed projects to ensure you’re happy with your bespoke design.

Lighting Design

At this stage, we’ll ensure there’s the right amount of light and the perfect mood in every room of the house. We’ll design a scheme to ensure we have an ideal amount of switches and socks in the right places and create a drawing that electricians and contractors can work with. We’ll also suggest the type of light and electrical items which can be purchased.

Furniture Selection & Featured Items

This is one of the most important stages of the project as it’s where your vision comes to life. We’ll show you samples of furniture, kitchens, fabrics, rugs, accessories and artwork for you to choose from and purchase the items on your behalf. Then, the design phase will then be complete and we’ll be ready for a seamless transition into construction.


Construction Documentation

The design and vision are translated into accurate drawings, schedules and bills of quantities. We’ll produce the documentation and submit them to the contractors for competitive quotes. At this stage we will produce:

-Detail Drawings of your wet rooms in order to ensure they are built with precision and care.

-Detail Drawings of all windows and doors along with all the relevant schedules.

-Blow up drawings of all bespoke joinery items and wardrobes.

-Blow up drawings of all featured and special elements of your house such as fire places and TV cabinets

-Bills of quantities and material schedules

These documents will be used to receive accurate construction quotations from builders and contractors. Without these drawings you will be at risk and can suffer from significant loss of time and money during the construction phase.

Project Management


We execute the tendering by tendering the architectural drawings, design specifications and construction documentations to collection of best-fit contractors. This ensures that our clients have access to the best tradesmen in the country.

With projects often involving historic properties it is important that contractors are passionately experienced in dealing with listed buildings, where traditional techniques and materials are required.

Project Management

Our project management team works with clients to make sure that the complexities of a building project do not take away from the joy of constructing a dream project. Extending each each project the utmost attention in their pursuit to deliver projects, fulfil ambition and transform lives through the process.

Our team takes full control of the project deliverables such as project timeline and budgeting. Providing detailed and realistic budget, which takes into account fluctuations in the market prices of building materials. Providing clients with the financial information to understand budget and puts our clients in control of where to spend money to bring about best value.

We take full control of stressful aspects of construction such as contractor communication, supplier management, material procurement, statutory authorities and health & safety regulations.