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About Us

Studio INTEGRATE is a multi-award-winning design studio, which is dynamically exploiting creative and innovative design practices to deliver an exceptional experience and service to all our clients. Right from inception, our sole purpose of existence has been to create beautiful homes and buildings across the capital with striking designs and implementation of innovative construction processes focused primarily on delivering value and quality to our clients. We are advocates of adaptive design, whereby we tend not to follow trends and fashion, but we thrive to study the space and most importantly our clients to fully grasp their vision and way of living. All the designers at Studio INTEGRATE share this ethos and strive to create a space in context to its physical and social environment. We greatly value our relationships at Studio INTEGRATE and work tirelessly to provide above par service to all our clients. We have developed many great friendships and professional relationships with our clients as you can learn more about in our testimonials. The foundations of our studio will always be revolved around exceptional design working hand-in-hand with collaboration and relationships.

Meran Garlegi
Founder & Director

Meran, the founder of Studio Integrate, embarked on his independent design journey after an illustrious tenure at Norman Foster & Partners. Armed with a Master's in Architecture from the esteemed Architectural Association, he has been immersed in design and architecture since he was 19. Meran possesses a fervour for harmonizing technology, design, and innovation. His design ethos centres on melding sophisticated techniques with deep-rooted cultural, materiality, and light studies. A distinguished recipient of multiple awards, especially in furniture design, Mehran aspires to craft spaces that serve functional purposes, transcend expectations, and stand the test of time.

Ramin Bastani

Coming from a solid corporate and private equity foundation, Ramin has spearheaded the project management and evolution of pioneering co-living and multi-functional residential spaces in London. Before his venture with Studio Integrate, Ramin helmed a consultancy firm, providing a comprehensive turn-key service for high-net-worth international clients seeking to purchase and cultivate their ideal homes in London.

Our Team

Mehran Gharleghi

Director Architecture

Ramin Bastani

Director Construction

Mary Ziapour

Head of Interior

Vesal Tebyanian

Principal Project Architect

Sam Dicocco

Planning Consultant

Sepi Shariat

Design Team Lead

Zoha Zeyn

Senior Designer

Persia Moradi

Senior Designer

Hoda Moghadam

Senior Designer

Olsi Ajdini

Site Manager

Syed Imran

Building Regulations

Kristela Uku

Office Manager

S t u d i o   I N T E G R A T E
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