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Interior Design Process

Once space planning and necessary planning permissions are finalized, our interior design team will aid in selecting materials, creating mood boards, designing bathrooms, planning lighting, developing wall systems, and choosing built-in joinery as well as soft and loose furniture pieces. Our in-house expert design team provides comprehensive services from design to procurement of interior elements, including built-in joinery, supply and installation of secondary lighting, bathroom fit-outs, and loose furniture. Our long-standing partnerships with some of the world's most reputable brands allow us to deliver competitive and customized services to our clients.

1. Layout optimisation

Where necessary, our team of architects and interior designers will further optimise the internal layout to make the most of the available space and achieve higher standards. We aim to maximize the usable internal floor space and natural light to benefit the well-being of the end users.

2. Mood boards and material selection

Materials and surface coverings are crucial in crafting unique spaces tailored to the end users' needs. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for the exploration of materiality through mood boards, hyper-realistic visualisations, and virtual tours, enabling clients to experience the materials before construction begins. This approach helps clients realize their vision and prevents expensive errors during the construction process.

3. Lighting Design 

Effective lighting design can transform an ordinary place into an extraordinary space. We take into account ambient and mood lighting, as well as accent lighting features, to maximize the potential of every corner in a space throughout the day, while ensuring the intended practicality and functionality.

4. Built-in joinery and the kitchens

Thoughtfully designed kitchens and joinery not only enhance the aesthetics and beauty of a home but also ensure optimal functionality. Our team utilises specialist software packages for designing built-in furniture, which allows us to deliver the best possible outcomes while maintaining a competitive edge through our longstanding partnerships. We can manufacture and install the kitchen using our bespoke carpenters or through well-established Italian manufacturers. Our expert team of installers will alleviate the burden and risk associated with high-quality installation, ensuring a seamless transition from design to completion.

5. Soft and loose furniture 

No house or building is truly complete without furniture, which is why our services include selecting the furniture, managing the purchase, delivery, and installation for our clients to guarantee a seamless experience and a cohesive result.

Building Regulation

Project Management

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